Hello! I am a PhD student at UT Austin, studying theoretical computer science. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Dana Moshkovitz. As of September 2023, I am supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Princeton in 2021, where I am grateful to have worked with Prof. Ben Raphael on algorithms for computational genomics, and with Prof. Matt Weinberg on algorithms for graphs and matroids. In high school, I am fortunate to have worked with Prof. Shannon Quinn at the University of Georgia on applications of machine learning to MRI data. I have also contributed to open source projects, particularly the MediaWiki Project.

My email is the best way to reach me!

Recent Work

  • Vinayak M. Kumar and Geoffrey Mon
    Relaxed Local Correctability from Local Testing
  • Geoffrey Mon, Dana Moshkovitz, and Justin Oh
    Approximate Locally Decodable Codes with Constant Query Complexity and Nearly Optimal Rate
    Preprint (2023) • ECCC TR23-056
  • Ron Zeira, Geoffrey Mon, and Benjamin J. Raphael
    Genome Halving and Aliquoting Under the Copy Number Distance