Hello! I am a graduate student at UT Austin, studying computer science. I am broadly interested in algorithms and complexity.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Princeton in 2021, where I am fortunate to have worked with Prof. Ben Raphael on algorithms for computational genomics, and with Prof. Matt Weinberg on algorithms for graphs and matroids. As a high school student, I was fortunate to have worked with Prof. Shannon Quinn at the University of Georgia on applications of machine learning to MRI data. Previously, I have contributed to open source projects, particularly the MediaWiki Project.

My email is the best way to reach me!


In reverse chronological order.

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  • Gryte Satas, Simone Zaccaria, Geoffrey Mon, Benjamin J. Raphael
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  • Geoffrey Mon, Milad Makkie, Xiang Li, Tianming Liu, Shannon Quinn
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