Hello! I am a PhD student at UT Austin, studying theoretical computer science. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Dana Moshkovitz and to be supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Princeton in 2021, where I am grateful to have worked with Prof. Ben Raphael on algorithms for computational genomics, and with Prof. Matt Weinberg on algorithms for graphs and matroids.

My email is the best way to reach me!

Recent Work

  • Vinayak M. Kumar and Geoffrey Mon
    Relaxed Local Correctability from Local Testing
  • Geoffrey Mon, Dana Moshkovitz, and Justin Oh
    Approximate Locally Decodable Codes with Constant Query Complexity and Nearly Optimal Rate
    ISIT 2024 (to appear) • ECCC TR23-056
  • Ron Zeira, Geoffrey Mon, and Benjamin J. Raphael
    Genome Halving and Aliquoting Under the Copy Number Distance